bbhugme pregnancy pillow in eucalyptus


The pregnancy pillow that supports and grows with you and your baby.

bbhugme is designed and developed for you by three female Norwegian chiropractors. For use during pregnancy, nursing and beyond it will provide relief and support to the most critical areas; pelvis, low back, belly, knees and ankles.

The natural, soft and eco-friendly (BPA Free) materials easily shape around both of you, making it easier to relax and focus during this special time. The inside stuffing consists of small ESP pebbles, a material chosen specifically for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties as well as it's ability to keep you both cool.

bbhugme is delivered in a cool carrying-bag and consists of pillow, sleeve and two pebbles. 


The sleeve is machine-washable at 104° F, the pebbles are dishwasher safe and the pillow itself can be hand washed (tip! bring it with you in the shower for easy cleaning!)

More on use in Pregnancy

Bbhugme's pillow is perfect to be used during pregnancy as a full body pillow.

Roughly 9 out of 10 women suffer from back-pain or pelvic related pain and discomfort during pregnancy. Scientific research also shows that many continue to suffer for years after the baby is born.

With bbhugme your body will thank you for providing proper support.

More on use whilst nursing

bbhugme can be tied and secured comfortably to your body to prevent it and the baby from sliding away causing unnecessary strain and tension in neck and shoulders. The pillow is ergonomically adjustable to fit virtually any body size or shape!

Nursing twins? No worries,- both twins will be able to fit comfortably on the pillow. In fact, the Norwegian Twin Association officially recommends bbhugme as the No 1 nursing pillow.

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