Le Toy Van Alex's Tool Bench

Le Toy Van Alex's Tool Bench

Le Toy Van

Hammer, hammer, knock, knock, bang bang, get ready for your little one to be in charge of the DIY in the house from now on!

Alex's Tool Bench from our favourites at Le Toy Van is a mini builder's dream, this will keep your little Mr or Miss fix-it amused for hours - no need to call in the handyman again! 

Le Toy Van Alex's Work Bench comes complete with 12 accessories: a saw, hammer, screw driver, spanner, spirit level, 2 bolts, 2 screws, 2 nails and a piece of wood. It also features a circular saw, a measuring gauge and a vice. The back wall has a shelf to keep the tools tidy and a hook for the saw. The back board has a radio, pliers, plus a clock with movable hands and can also be used as a chalkboard.

Combine with one of our popular toolboxes or handyman belts for the ultimate.

Dimensions: W50 x D39 x H77.5cm

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