Stinky Winky Odour Neutralising Spray

Milk & Co

Phooo Eei! Whoever knew something so cute could create smells so bad? Keep those nasty nappy smells at bay with this all natural room spray. Stinky Winky Room Spray helps rid the room from all those nasty nappy smells (eliminating not just masking), making change time a bit more bearable for everyone. We have a few sprays in our range including the Snotty Grotty and the Nighty Night. Try them all, you will love love love them!

Made in Australia by Milk & Co with naturally derived ingredients, see spec for more details.

Made in Australia by Milk & Co, 100% recycled packaging, not tested on animals. Naturally derived ingredients including;

Geranium Rose and Jasmine are organic favorites for getting rid of nappy smells and eliminating bag odours.

Also contains Eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil.

2-4 working days