TernPaks The Oregon Trail Add-On

TernPaks The Oregon Trail Add-On


We’re making it easier for families to be present and enjoy their adventures to the fullest, by helping parents be better prepared for a couple of unknowns. Now kiddos will be ready to weather the elements with our foldable raincoat, and you can better handle minor mishaps such as scrapes or sticky hands with our Mini + Kit!

This bundle includes the following:

  • Raincoat
  • Mini + Kit

Be prepared! Our foldable, waterproof raincoat is made of 100% EVA material. It is lightweight and is roomy enough to wear your ternPaks comfortably underneath. The hood has drawstrings for a more secure fit around the face.

Durable and machine washable.

This miniature first aid kit contains (9) bandages, (2) Neosporin® antibiotic ointment, and (2) Wet Ones® antibacterial hand wipes.
Bandages: 3/4in x 2 3/4in (1.9cm x7.2cm)
Neosporin®: 1/32oz (0.9g)
Wet Wipes®: 5in x 7.5in (12.7cm x 19cm)

For use on minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. For best results, apply bandage to clean, dry skin. Bandages are designed for multi-day use. Change more often if needed



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