Trybike Wooden 4 in 1 Balance Bike / Trike


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Four bikes in one. The most stylish and adaptable kids bike on the market. The Trybike 4 in 1 will develop with them as their need for speed grows. Each bike comes complete with everything you need to change go from a tricycle to a full balance bike for children up to six years-old. 

The four stages:

1. Low Tricycle - offers young children lots of support to start their walking and riding skills. Ages - starting as early as 12 months up to approx. 2.5 years.

2. Low Bicycle - with a few simple steps, you can easily convert the low tricycle into a low bicycle. This is when the next stage of riding starts, learning how to balance. Ages - approx. 2 years up to around 4 years.

3. High Bicycle - simply turn over the frame and the seat can move up even higher. Create the highest wooden balance bike available: a 50 cm seat height.  Even 5-year-old children will still enjoy the Trybike now. Ages - approx. 3.5 years up to around 6 years.

4. High Tricycle - the high tricycle is super fun for all children but also great for those kids who need a little extra help keeping their balance. Disabled children or children who find it difficult to balance will particularly benefit from this tricycle.

* easy exchangeable seat cover and chin guard so the next child can choose a different colour. (colours are optional) 
* practical bag for extra parts comes standard with every bike 
* seat with convenient hole for a light, a trailer or a safety cord 
* seat that tilts backwards so rider position remains perfect 
* easy to assemble or convert

For full details please see the spec page

Seat height: seat adjustable from 27 cm to 50 cm, both the lowest and highest wooden balance bike in one

Weight: 5.5 kg as a tricycle 4.1 kg as a bicycle

Wheels: 12 inch spoked steel wheels with nylon bushings, sealed smooth cartridge ball bearings and extra wide rubber inflatable tyres

Safety standards: Complies with European EN-71,CE and Australian/ New Zealand AS/NZS ISO 8124 safety standards.

Tip 1

Regularly check that all parts are secure and undamaged. In particular, the seat, the wheel bolts and the steering mechanism bolts.

Tip 2

Wood is not suitable for storing outside, therefore our advice is: play outside and store inside.

Tip 3

Protect the wood of the Trybike with furniture polish, car wax or beeswax. In this way it will remain in a nice condition even longer.

Tip 4

Save the Trybike for your next child or pass it on to another child. That makes it truly sustainable.

Tip 5

The Trybike is the best balance bike for children with a disability or a less developed sense of balance.

Tip 6

No more training wheels for a pedal bike!
The step following the Trybike is learning how to ride a pedal bike. Without training wheels since your child will not need those when it started with a Trybike.

Tip 8

Any questions about the assembly? Watch these assembly videos.

How  to assemble a Trybike Low Tricycle

How to convert a Trybike Tricycle in to a Low Bicycle

How to convert a Trybike Low Bicycle in to a High Bicycle

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