WayToPlay Car Track Ringroad playset - 12 Pieces


Build yourself an endless adventure !

The Waytoplay car track segments are made from 100% child safe rubber. Flexible and adjustable which means whatever your little one imagines can be put to work. 

The easy connect sections can be played with on all surfaces, inside and outside, including carpets, on the table, in the sandbox or on the grass. 

Expand your road by purchasing additional sets, also available in 12, 16 and 40 pieces and of course adding your favourite cars, trucks and more from our selection of wooden vehicles.

The Waytoplay Ringroad package contains 12 road parts. Eight curves make a full circle, but we have added two straights, a crossing and a roundabout to have more fun and be able to extend your motorway.

Please note: Set does not include toy cars.

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